Top 5 Tips for Halloween & Bonfire Night Dog Anxiety


While Halloween and Bonfire Night are exciting for humans, they can also be stressful for dogs. It’s important to be able to recognize abnormal behavior in dogs so you can alleviate their anxiety when they are exposed to loud noises.

Firework night is becoming more popular every year. The noises, sparklers, and mushypeas seem to begin at the end of October, and continue on into November. Good Boy understands the “normal” behavior of dogs, and how to make this time of year stress-free.

Make sure to prepare them in advance

It is an excellent way to get your dog ready for the big day. This should be done at the beginning of October. It will give you plenty of time to observe your dog’s reactions and help you understand their behavior before Bonfire Night. Online sound effects and videos can be found to help your dog get used to the unusual sounds.

Turn on your TV!

Although you may be used to telling your children to turn the TV down, we think it’s great to tell them to do the same. Although your neighbors may not appreciate it, this will help to drown out outside noises and calm your dog. If you have to go out on the evenings of the 5 th November, but aren’t sure if there will be fireworks, keep a radio on hand for your dog.

Keep the windows shut

You will make your home more noisy if you leave the windows open. It is a great idea to create a hideaway or den for your dog to go to when they feel stressed. It will be a great place to make your dog feel at home, complete with cuddly toys. A blanket can be used to make the crate more comfortable.

Take them to the gym early and get there in good shape

You should walk your dog before the sun goes down and fireworks start. This is best done before 5pm. It’s great to go on walks in the morning or afternoon. You should not disrupt your doggie’s daily routine as it will only cause anxiety. Keep their day as normal as possible.

They will be distracted

Do you have a favorite game for your dog? Playtime and training tricks can keep them busy. You can reward them with their favorite treats to keep them busy. To keep them busy, we recommend that you give them a long-lasting treat. Our Mega Chewy chicken twist is great to give to medium-sized dogs. Or, try our Good Boy Treat. These are great for all breeds!

You should be aware of abnormal behavior in dogs and you may need to give your dog an anti-anxiety diffuser if they are showing signs of anxiety or stress.

Although it may seem obvious, don’t allow your dogs to go to firework displays. It is best to ensure that your dog has someone at home, particularly on November 5th, so they can get lots of cuddles, and treats.

We understand how important it can be to calm your dog and make sure that they are safe during Halloween and Bonfire Night.


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