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Kitten Tries to Get People to Notice Her at Shelter With Her Adorable ‘Window Washing’

kitten tries

A kitten tries to get people to notice her at the adoption center with her adorable “window washing.”

Source: Pets In Need

Baklava, a tabby cat, and her brother, Cobbler, were brought in to Pets in Need (in Redwood City, California). They were newborn kittens who required round-the-clock attention.

They began to thrive in the warmth of a foster home, thanks to volunteers and grew into robust, active cats. Baklava was big enough for adoption at around nine weeks old, so she and her brother went to the adoption facility to wait for their forever homes. kitten tries 

Baklava lives in a cozy kitty apartment, but she yearns for continual attention from her human companions. kitten tries 

She craves attention from her human friends :

Source: Pets In Need

She waves her front paws up and down the pane whenever someone goes by. She’ll keep going until she’s cuddled up in a warm lap.

Cobbler, her younger brother, was adopted after only a week, but Baklava remained by the window, hoping to be adopted soon. She found herself frantically waving for attention week after week.

Baklava waves at people every time someone passes by her condo :

WJ Lin, a volunteer with Pets in Need, told Love Meow, “It’s pretty strange why no one has adopted her yet.” “She has a cute ‘window washing’ method, which several of the other volunteers have remarked on.”

Baklava puts her adorable toe beans on the window in the hopes that someone will notice her.

Source: Pets In Need

When she’s with someone and gets belly rubs and snuggles, she’s the happiest kitten on the planet. She enjoys and craves the attention of her human companions.

Source: Pets In Need

Her cute little quirk, an abundance of affection, and attitude have volunteers swooning.

They take turns hanging out in the playroom with Baklava, who loves scampering around and discovering every nook and crevice.

Source: Pets In Need

When she’s held, the gentle tabby melts into her people. She cuddles even harder than she plays.

“She’s been offered for adoption for three weeks,” Lin told Love Meow. “She wants you to know that she’s finished with shelter life and is ready to return home.”

Ready for some belly rubs :

Source: Pets In Need

Baklava is energetic, interested, and quick on her feet. When she’s inaction, she’s a rowdy tiny tiger, but when she comes near to her people, she melts into mush.

For added comfort, she likes to grasp both her human hand and her blanket at the same time.

Source: Pets In Need

“She has a soft side and will lick your hands to ‘groom’ them. She enjoys communicating with people, whether it’s holding a blanket, waving to them through a window, hugging, or chasing a toy “Lin went on to say.

When a volunteer comes to visit, the adorable tabby wants to take up all the attention.

Source: Pets In Need

“She’s a pretty spicy kitty! Her ‘snout’ looks different than the other kittens which were how she initially stood out to me (other than the waving).”

Baklava completely melted into Lin when she was on her lap, getting belly rubs.

When she spends time with volunteers, she is overjoyed :

Source: Pets In Need

Behind the glass, the lovely tabby shows off her adorable ear tufts, toe beans, cute belly, and huge eyes. She’s all set to win over a family with her whole heart.

The sweet tabby waits eagerly behind the glass, showing off her adorable ear tufts, toe beans, cute belly, and big eyes. She is ready to win a family over with her whole heart.

Source: Pets In Need

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