Kittens from Different Mothers Paired Up at Shelter and Decide to Give Hugs to Everyone They Come Across

Kittens that were paired up at the shelter, decided to give hugs to everyone they come across.

Cinnamon the shoulder kitten :

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After being discovered outside spinning in circles, an orange kitten was brought to Oakland Animal Services. He had a serious head tilt and was in desperate need of a feline companion.

A singleton torbie kitten arrived at the shelter about that time. Staff knew exactly who she should be paired with. Cinnamon, the orange kitty, was introduced to Cardamom, his new friend, and the two got along swimmingly.

They began snuggling each other right away as if they had always been littermates.

Cinnamon was found as a stray with a head tilt :

Source: @kangaroothekitty

Cinnamon began to feel better after some stretching, massages, and the company of another kitten. Each day, he could stand a little taller and walk a little straighter, and his head tilt grew less noticeable.

Saving Grace Rescue (in San Francisco) was contacted by the shelter in the hopes of finding the kittens a loving foster home to continue their journey and recuperation.

He was paired up with another kitten and they became instant friends :

Source: @kangaroothekitty

“The healing is amazing. Cinnamon and other kittens simply require patience “Saving Grace Rescue’s founder, Amber Rose, told Love Meow about it.

The spice kittens activated their thundering purr motors and walked up to their humans for cuddles soon after settling into their new surroundings. The two were onto something endearing, as it turned out.

Cinnamon adores his sister from another mother :

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Cinnamon and Cardamom jumped onto their foster father’s lap, groomed his beard, and fell asleep on his chest the instant he sat down on the couch.

“They’ll come up on your tummy or sit next to you if you’re sitting or lying down so they can be with you,” Joyce, their foster mom, told Love Meow.

Cinnamon and Cardamom like to give hugs to everyone they meet :

Source: @kangaroothekitty

“They purr every time you lift them up. Every morning, I find them purring on my chest.”

The kittens have quickly claimed every shoulder in the house.

Cardamom prefers hanging out with her foster mom riding over her shoulders as she goes about her day, while Cinnamon enjoys supervising his foster dad over his shoulders when he is on a work call.

Cinnamon supervises his foster dad over his shoulders :

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The two cuddle-bugs set out on a quest to give everyone hugs after meeting the local cats and dogs. Cinnamon cuddled up next to Brandon, the 14-year-old dog, insisting that he wanted a slumber partner.

Cinnamon curled up next to Brandon the dog and went right to sleep :

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The spice kittens make sure that no one is forgotten in their love.

“They both enjoy cuddling at night. Cardamom and Kanga (our resident cat) are waiting for me if I turn right. Cinnamon can be found if I turn left.”

Cardamon makes sure her humans are never alone when they nap :

Source: @kangaroothekitty

The two best friends are ready to find their own apartment after weeks in foster care.

“They are inseparably linked and will be adopted as a pair. Cinnamon’s head tilt has almost entirely disappeared “Love Meow was informed by Amber.

Cinnamon joins in the cuddle puddle :

Source: @kangaroothekitty

While they wait for their future home, the brothers and sisters from different moms continue to lavish everyone with hugs and purrs.

Snuggly shoulder torbie cat :

Source: @kangaroothekitty

Cinnamon and Cardamom like being VIPs and being surrounded by their human and furry companions.

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