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Two Kittens Wander Up to a House, Walk into Carriers and Ready to Leave the Streets Behind

Two Kittens Wander Up

Two kittens wander up to a house, walk into carriers, and we’re so ready to leave the streets behind.

Danny and Lando the kitten brothers :

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Two kittens began hanging out at an older gentleman’s residence in Corpus Christi, Texas, where he cared for a small number of community cats. They were always spotted together and returned for food on a frequent basis.

No one came to claim them, and when the gentleman’s granddaughter met them, she was taken aback by how social they were. The feline brothers approached her, hungry for her attention and affection.

“She emailed our rescue team when she realized how nice they were compared to the other cats,” Lindsay Haglund, a board member of Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, told Love Meow.

Lando started hanging around a house with his brother Danny :

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

The kittens happily rolled around on their doorstep, chasing them down for food and cuddles. “She said they were the sweetest pair of brothers and that she truly wanted them to have a chance at an indoor existence,” says the mother.

Volunteers from Coastal Bend Cat Rescue came to pick up the duo without hesitation. The kittens greeted them with the sweetest greetings as if they were ready to be rescued from the streets for good.

They were very friendly to people from the start :

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

“They were really nice and walked straight into our carriers. We were completely taken aback “Love Meow was informed by Lindsay.

Lando and Danny, the kittens, were estimated to be six months old. They had settled into their new lodgings and were ready to be pampered by their human pals by the time they arrived at their foster home.

They walked right into the carriers and were ready to leave street life :

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Lindsay explained, “They are highly friendly towards humans and enjoy pets, head scratches, and lap cuddling.” “Both boys are quite nice, affectionate, and friendly, indicating that they have had a lot of human contacts since birth.” Two kittens wander up to

Danny has swiftly become into a snuggle monster, soaking up every ounce of affection he receives.

Danny is quite the cuddle-bug :

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Both kittens have worked out their litter box after a bit of a learning curve and have thoroughly accepted their new life as indoor cats.

The two brothers are spending much of their time napping, enjoying the sun, and cuddling with their people now that they don’t have to fend for themselves on the streets for food and shelter—a dramatic contrast to the outdoor existence they used to live. Two kittens wander up to

Lando and Danny thriving in foster care :

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Lindsay told Love Meow, “I sent the granddaughter an email update on how they were doing and also told her their new names.”

“She informed me that her grandfather’s name was Danny, and she was ecstatic that we had chosen the same name.”

Danny :

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

The two brothers will be available for adoption through their partner rescue, The Cattery Cat Shelter in Corpus Christi, in about a week (TX). Two kittens wander up to

“We’re crossing our fingers that they’ll find a forever home before the holidays!”

Lando :

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

We may never know the full tale of Lando and Danny’s origins, but the feline siblings are currently prospering in a loving foster home and enjoying being the focus of attention they deserve.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

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