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Woman Opened Her Door to Stray Cat and Found Kittens in Her Closet Days Later

stray cat

A kind woman opened her home to a friendly stray cat and found a litter of kittens in her closet days later.

Aberdeen the cat mom and her kittens :

Source: Ellen Richter

Blanche, a 95-year-old Las Vegas homeowner, observed a grey cat scrounging for food in her backyard one day. The tabby was filthy and barely alive.

“The cat had a really awful looking ear, and the lady realized she wasn’t being cared for,” Vets for Abandoned Pets foster volunteer Ellen Richter told Love Meow. “From the beginning, she was quite nice.”

Blanche began leaving food and water for the cat and inquired if she belonged to a neighbor, but no one came forward to claim her.

She was found in the backyard all by herself :

Source: Ellen Richter

Meanwhile, the cat’s belly got larger with each passing day, and Blanche understood she was expecting a child. At the time, all of the area rescues were full, and no one could help her.

The sweet lady couldn’t handle the thought of the kittens being born outside, so she decided to intervene. She welcomed the cat into her home and assisted her in finding a calm location.

“With a damp towel, she attempted to clean her. Blanche had limited mobility as a crippled senior citizen, but she wanted to do the best she could for the cat (named Aberdeen). She was well aware that Aberdeen was reliant on her “Ellen told Love Meow about it.

Aberdeen gave birth to a litter of four in a closet :

Source: Ellen Richter

Blanche was surprised when she awoke a few days later. When she entered the walk-in closet, she discovered Aberdeen feeding and kneading four small additions. She instantly dialed her daughter’s number for assistance.

“They cleaned the kittens, changed the blankets, and made sure Aberdeen was well fed while showering him with hugs and kisses.”

Source: Ellen Richter

Family members arrived and took turns caring for the cat mom and her four children. “Blanche couldn’t bend down or undertake much physical work, so she enlisted the support of her family while she kept an eye on things.”

They looked after Aberdeen and her puppies until a rescue organization, Vets for Abandoned Pets, had space and resources to help.

She was a wonderful mom to her demanding kittens :

Source: Ellen Richter

“Mama Aberdeen and her four small children were picked up by me. Her crinkled, wrinkled ear set her apart from the crowd. While living on the streets, it was thought to be the result of a serious ear mite infection “Love Meow was informed by Ellen.

The kittens were in excellent health and devoured their food. Momma Aberdeen was a content indoor cat that lavished her owners with purrs and soft blinks. stray cat

Source: Ellen Richter

Aberdeen did an excellent job raising her demanding kittens, and when they were weaned, she was ready to give up motherhood for good.

Source: Ellen Richter

Aberdeen loves being the center of attention and snuggling on someone’s lap. “She is incredibly nice and sweet. She is very affectionate and will not leave your lap.”

She swiftly crawled her way into the hearts of a family when it came time for adoption. Aberdeen has gone from wandering the streets to thriving in a location she now calls home, and she is enjoying the life she has always imagined.

Source: Ellen Richter

“I’m overjoyed for her because she won’t have to live on the streets or have baby after baby. Mama Aberdeen is deserving of a lovely life filled with love and adoration.” stray cat

Source: Ellen Richter

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